SparkFun PicoBoard Lab Pack

SparkFun PicoBoard Lab Pack
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The SparkFun PicoBoard Lab Pack includes 10 complete PicoBoard student kits and other assorted features. Each lab pack has everything you need including the PicoBoard, hardware, and extra components. The PicoBoard allows you to create interactions with various sensors. Using the Scratch programming language, you can easily create simple interactive programs based on the input from sensors. The PicoBoard incorporates a light sensor, sound sensor, a button and a slider, as well as 4 additional inputs that can sense electrical resistance via included cables.

Designed for educators and beginners, the PicoBoard is a good way to get into the very basics of programming and reading sensors.

The Lab Packs are SparkFun’s classroom entry point. By combining our PicoBoard, Digital Sandbox, ProtoSnap, LilyPad, SparkFun Inventors Kits, or Arduino Compatible through-hole soldering kits with support materials SparkFun brings all the power of the open-source community to the classroom.

SparkFun packages everything educators need to get started with this platform in a number of varieties that fit different classroom settings and populations. The hardware boards, cables, and extra parts come pre-packaged. Examples and curriculum material are available from SparkFun as well as from other educators involved in this growing educational movement.

Note: The PicoBoard is a derivative work of the Scratch Sensor Board. More information can be found here and the design license can be found here.

Each Lab Pack Includes: