RFID Reader Breakout

RFID Reader Breakout
Hersteller: SparkFun Electronics
Hersteller-Nr: SEN-13030
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This is a simple breakout board for our RFID readers. The RFID Reader Breakout converts the 2mm pins to bread board friendly 0.1" headers. With this ability the ID-3LA, ID-12LA, and the ID-20LA you can solder the reader directly to the breakout board or use the 2mm sockets.

This breakout board’s edges actually fit flush within the under side the ID-12LA. The board also works with the ID-20LA, but is smaller than the edges. As stated before each pin of the RFID reader has been broken out including: VCC, READ, D0, D1, FORM, TIR, CP, both ANTs, RES, and GND. We’ve even added four half-mounting holes to the board to easily secure your project!


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