Pololu Wheel 90x10m Pair - Black

Pololu Wheel 90x10m Pair - Black
Hersteller: Pololu
Hersteller-Nr: 1435
Flikto-Nr: flik.to/1726

These black plastic wheels press-fit onto the 3mm D shafts on many of our motors, including our micro metal gearmotors and our plastic gearmotos with 3mm D-shafts, to make a nice drive solution for small robots. The wheels have silicone tires and measure 90 mm (3.54″) in diameter. Six additional mounting holes for 4-40 screws make it possible to use the wheel with several of our universal mounting hubs. The wheels are sold in pairs.


Size: 90 x 10 mm
Weight: 0.8 oz1
Shaft diameter: 3 mm2

General specifications

Color: black



1 - Per wheel, including tire.
2- D-shaped hole for press fit onto Pololu micro and mini metal gearmotors.