GPS Receiver - GP-2106 SiRF IV (48 Channel)

GPS Receiver - GP-2106 SiRF IV (48 Channel)
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The GP-2106 is a small form factor GPS receiver with built-in antenna. Powered by the SiRF Star IV, the module can acquire satellites as low as -163dBm. It also has a hibernate mode which can go as low as 30uA while maintaining a hot start.

Note: This module runs at 1.8V VCC, however, you can use 3.3V TTL on the TX and RX pins. Also, the ON/OFF pin needs to be toggled high (to 1.8V) or low in order to turn on the module.

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  • SiRF IV chipset (3db gain over SiRF III)
  • 48 channel
  • Cold start - 35 second
  • Warm start - 35 second
  • Hot start - 1 second
  • 1Hz update rate
  • 1.8VCC input
  • 4800bps (default)