Electret Microphone - 20Hz-20KHz Omnidirectional

Electret Microphone - 20Hz-20KHz Omnidirectional
Hersteller: Adafruit Industries
Hersteller-Nr: 1064
Flikto-Nr: flik.to/406

This electret capsule microphone is the same one we use in our great microphone amplifier board. It contains a small vibrating element that will output a few milllivolts peak-to-peak. You will need an op-amp to amplify the signal, some chips are designed with the amplifier built in in which case you can wire it up directly.

This is an "omnidirectional" microphone, with -44dB sensitivity, and has 20-20KHz frequency response. You can plug it into a breadboard or perfboard or solder wires to the little wires sticking out the back.

Visit OpenMusicLab's great tutorial on Electret Microphones for a deeper look at how these sensors work

Technical Details: