Adafruit Gehäuse für Arduino

Adafruit Gehäuse für Arduino
Hersteller: Adafruit Industries
Hersteller-Nr: 337

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We are very excited to have one of the first (and we think the best) Enclosure for Arduino & project box now available in clear plastic, the future! Here are all the details:

 - Dimensions: 3.6" x 5" x 1.35"
 - Injection molded clear plastic
 - Enclosure is easy to machine, drill, cut and shape to what you need
 - Brass screw inserts (can be used and reused many times, very durable!)
 - Fits standard Arduinos and 16 x 2 LCDs
 - Fits Arduino with Adafruit Protoshield on top with .45" clearance
 - Pop out plates for GPS, buttons, sensors, switches, knobs, etc!
 - Holds up to 4 AAA batteries internally using 2xAAA holders. AA's can squeeze in but the case wont close nicely so we suggest AAA's
 - Comes with screws for the LCD, Arduino and case
 - Made in Canada!

Comes with all parts shown.